SIDE-BANNERSIDE-BANNER * Oh God! Let there be PEACE. Make them calm, gentle, humble and stable. Make them realize their mistakes. Make them to confess, seek and pray for forgiveness. Let there be forgiveness for true hearts. Show them the right path on which they can walk. Let there be justice, satisfaction and happiness. Let them know that you are the justice and truth. Let them know that the innocent is never punished. Give them the strength, courage and wisdom to quit bad and to achieve good purpose. Let there be leaders who are followed by goodness. Make them competitive to achieve good. Remove their greed, wickedness and bad ambitions. Let them know that your love is infinite. Speak to them in simple ways so they understand. May your heart hear their pure hearts. * Never say die.Live and let live.* Accept Good if not, it Perishes.* What you Sow is what you Reap.* United we Stand divided we Fall.* Where there is a Will there is a Way.* Love is the strongest Power on earth.* When going gets Tough the Tough gets going.* For every problem created there is a perfect Solution.* When your hand starts paining you don't Cut it, Cure it.* A good purpose of life is the persistence to be constructive.* The arch of justice is wide, but it bends towards freedom and justice.* Lion king says he wants all the Power but none of the Responsibilities.* Life is a puzzle which can be solved by Hard work, Character and Discipline.* Money is like Manure, Spread it and it does good.* Pile it up in one place and it Stinks.* When a man wants to be a King he should exactly know the responsibilities of a King.* The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke.* Face is the reflection of mind.* A purpose of life is a life of purpose.* Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.* Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Real friends are those who help us in troubles.* Freedom and Power are lost if it’s miss utilized. Repeating mistakes will lead to sin and blunders.* Quantity is appreciated only when it has Quality.* Everyday is a new day, which brings hope with it.* Ego of superiority is the destruction of individuality.* We cannot learn to swim without going into the water.* Everything happens for good and thus leads to destiny.* Every problem has a perfect solution, we need to find them.* A good purpose of life is the persistence for constructiveness.* It’s hard to create good things where as it’s easy to break them.* Ideas are appreciated and respected only when we express them.* Mistakes do happen by humans, they are forgiven when we pray.* Freedom means giving others the right to achieve good purposes.* We have to put our efforts and leave the rest for destiny to decide.* All big things start with a first step.* First step is sometimes difficult.* Prayers come true when the purpose is good, thus pray for everyone.* Dreams come true when we have faith and pray for good things in life.* We got to have strength, courage and wisdom to achieve good things in life.* Every relationship has a meaning; we have to give them the proper meaning.* The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.* If wealth is lost, nothing is lost. If health is lost, something is lost. But, if character is lost, everything is lost.* “Stand up, be bold, be strong. Take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders, and know that you are the creator of your own destiny.” - Swami Vivekananda.

Winning Articles (Manoj Kumar)

Collection of natures treasures for self improvement and personality development. Every thing is inter connected by intelligence. Intelligence is nature’s creation. Every thing in nature communicates using vibrations. Intelligence can either be constructive or destructive. Thus to protect nature, god is a concept of constructive optimism, which is binding the nature.


We all have Dreams of a Brighter Future.

Dreams Of a great purpose. Of a better Life.
Our journey then leads us to our destiny.
Where will your journey lead you?
Discovering Life and following our dreams !
What is a JOURNEY?
A journey is NOT a trip.
It's NOT a vacation.
It's a PROCESS. A DISCOVERY. It's a process of self-discovery.
A journey brings us face to face with ourselves.
A journey shows us not only the world, but how we fit in it.
Does the person create the journey or does the journey create the person?
The journey is life itself. Where will life take us?
Watch Video:

Science: Telepathy - Why do we get dreams?
Watch Video:

(Search on Youtube)

Twins experience similar emotions, while one of them experiences a severe extreme emotions.
The ability of some individuals to mentally transmit and receive thoughts is examined in this video.
Several experiments are conducted to put the phenomenon to the test. 
This includes exploring the telepathic connection that some twins claim to experience through a series of tests on one twin
and recording the other twin's reaction, 
and a Ganzfeld test: where a person in one room attempts to transmit mental pictures to another person in a different room.

Science: Human Attractions to opposite sex?     (Search on Youtube)

The mating ritual is as old as humankind itself, and scientists are
putting the chemistry of love and lust under the microscope.
why we get ATTRACTED to opposite SEX..
what is the REAL GAME in our MINDS when it comes to this thing which
we call "LOVE" :)
Have you ever wondered why we get attracted to some and despise others?
Do you always wonder what you saw in your partner, who happens to be
an average looking guy but more appealing than Tom Cruise in your
Do you wish to know the secret behind everlasting love?

"Naked Science" "Birth of the Earth"

(Search on Youtube)

The Birth of the Earth: The earth a giant mass of rock and water, flying through space.
It is unlike any-other planet we know, because it supports life.
The Earth is a tiny planet in a vast universe. It is just not our home, it is the only safe heaven we have in the universe.
But how did it get here? Whats strange forces of nature created this living, breathing planet, that we depend on?
It is the mystery scientists are beginning to solve....
The universe is made up of billions of stars and planets and enormous clouds of gas, all separated by huge empty spaces.
Beginning of Life on Earth: Life on Earth began in the seas.
For millions of years the Earth''s surface was scorched by harmful ultraviolet rays from sun and there was almost no life on land.
Simple plants and Algae grew at the edges of the sea.

Science: Birth of Earth.
(Search Youtube)

The Divine Ratio, PHI, Fibonacci Series

Natures creation reveals certain numerical patterns. We can find traces of symmetry in natures creations. The most fascinating part about Fibonacci Series and emphasis on PHI – The divine ratio or in simple numerical terms: 1.618… This number, existed in almost all the secret societies in the ancient world. PHI, on the other hand is much more complex and as you unwind the mysteries of the number, it continues to amaze you. To discover that even in nature, there exists an underlying template is almost akin to discovering the concept of Constructive Optimism, God. The easiest way to describe PHI is to talk about the famed Fibonacci Series.

The Fibonacci Series is just another way to derive PHI. In this number series, each number is the sum of the preceding two: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144… Any number in this series divided by its preceding number is a ratio that gets closer and closer to PHI as the numbers get larger and larger. Example: 1/1 = 1; 2/1 = 2; 3/2 = 1.5; 5/3 = 1.666... ; 8/5 = 1.6; 13/8 = 1.625; 21/13 = 1.615...; 34/21 = 1.619...; 55/34 = 1.6176...; 89/55 = 1.6181; ...

Fibonacci's Summation Series creates a PHI spiral—the universal form used in Nature—from flowers to cyclones to galaxies—pattern and proportion of living, growing things. Whirling bodies emit particle trails and wave energy tails like the PHI. In biology, a plant unfolds its leaves in Fibonacci intervals. The PHI spiral is the geometry of growth”.

Get a little more creative when you are alone in the bathroom. Measure your height and divide it by the distance from the belly button to the floor. You get – yup, the PHI. The examples are endless. ( [height of head] / [height of belly button] = Phi )

The length from your elbow to your fingertips is 1.618 of the distance between your shoulder and your fingertips.( [Length of Shoulder] / [Length of Elbow] = Phi) The distance between your chin and your eyebrow is 1.618 the distance from your chin to the top of your head. ( [Distance from Chin to Head] / [Distance from Chin to Eye-Brows] = Phi)

In biology, once an egg is fertilized, it divides and multiplies in count until it reaches a point at which the ratio of the succeeding number of cells to the previous number of cells is phi, from the proportion of female bees and male bees in a colony. Petal arrangements of roses, For example, an iris flower has 3 petals, a primrose 5, a delphinium 8, ragwort 13, an aster 21, daisies 13, 21, or 34, and Michaelmas daisies 55 or 89 petals, all Fibonacci numbers.

The breeding patterns of rabbits, the shape of our galaxy, Phi is also claimed to have been crucial in the design of the Great Pyramids, the composition of the Mona Lisa and the construction of Stradivarius violins, Leonardo Da Vinci, almost celebrated as God in Dan Brown’s classic novel regularly used the PHI in his paintings.

It is also found in quasi-crystals, Pythagoreans, and even black holes. The list goes on, and on, and on.

The Divine Proportion presents itself in the very physical nature of Creation. It is seen as the beauty and organization within the cosmos. It is the harmony and glue that holds the unity of the universe.

The existance of intellegence in every creation of nature has been scientifically proven with a mathematical equation.


Significance of Nava-ratna (Nava-Graha):

It’s said that nava-ratna meaning “nine gems” eliminates ones dhoshas and brings good luck. It a combination of nine auspicious stones strung together to ensure the well-being of the wearer. Navaratna consists of the vajra (diamond), manikya (ruby), marakata (emerald), vidruma (coral), mukta (pearl), Nila (sapphire), gomedaka (garnet), pusyaraga (topaz) and vaidurya (cat's eye). This combination of gems is considered highly auspicious for the wearer. It also protects against danger and disease. The nine gems have astrological significance as it is believed that the nine planets of the solar system that watch over a gem each, empower them.
Each gem in the ornament is attributed specific healing powers. The ruby protects against poisonous substances and evil spirits. It is a source of energy to the wearer and changes color if the wearer suffers from ill health. The emerald is an antidote to all stomach complaints, stings and bites. It was worn in ancient times by mariners to prevent storms. The coral is said to cure diseases and enhance memory. Pearls give strength to the heart and are often used in Ayurveda. The sapphire is said to increase devotion, due to its blue color, which is considered the color of enlightenment. Garnets are often used to imitate precious stones. Topaz is used for occult practices. The gems and its prescribed weight are decided according to the wearer's astrological chart.It’s a strong belief that nava-ratna will eliminate all the negative energy vibrations when worn by human beings. It means to say that it purifies the sole with a good belief. When a human being achieves this purified sole it’s obvious that it spreads the illumination wide across. It’s again the same contagious appreciation of optimism for peace, justice, freedom and liberty. A person must be like this nava-ratna. One must purify the soles when ever it comes in contact with the other.

We have to resolve the issues peacefully. We have to put our best efforts with calmness, gentleness, love and compassion. We have to avoid hatred, enmity and criticism. Free and fare constructive communication is one of the basic rights of human beings. It’s one of the means to achieve freedom and liberty. Freedom and liberty are contagious where communication is the means to spread it across. In other words it’s impossible to achieve freedom and liberty without communication. A strong belief in freedom and liberty is a must. We have to communicate without any fear, to spread it effectively, thus to create an effective team work. We can avoid fear with strong faith in optimism. We have to dream of a secured peaceful future, thus put effective efforts to achieve the objective. We have to put our efforts without any frustration. We must never loose hope. Things will definitely change as the history proves that change it self is not constant. In other words history keeps repeating. Good things will definitely happen. The more effective the efforts, thus are the results. Lets be humble to all our loved ones so that we can achieve our objective. Good things are possible only with the blessings and wishes of the loved ones. It’s a collective effort.

*[Read: Creating Beautiful World.] *[Doing the job of goodness.] *[Amazing Constructive Vibrations.]

*[Read: Realizations In Real Life – Please be gentle and humble.] *[Liberate the Sole.]

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"WE" has More Power than "I". Appreciations are blessings which motivates. Its a collective effort to create good things in life. Please leave a comment and keep me informed if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions. MESSAGE


Amazing Constructive Vibrations.

What happens when Human Beings are Happy or Sad?

Let us be constructive and save this planet earth. What happens when we shout and yell at some one? What happens when we love and care someone? Why are anger, frustration and hatred destructive? Why there is happiness when we are liberated from desires. How vibrations play a prominent role in nature’s creation?

Change in the crystalline structure of water when exposed to various vibrations. Healthy growth of plants when exposed to various musical instruments. Role of vibrations in the cosmic healing.

Role of vibrations in mental communications. Telepathy is a science of communication between brains. How neurons work? It’s amazing to note how chemistry, physics and mathematics are interconnected. Example: Brain is physical, neurons are chemical, intelligence is mathematical. Natures creation is a mystery until and unless it has a approved reasoning, analysis and explanation. Mr. Edgar Cayce had an amazing telepathic capability to heal various deceases. Sybil Leek is one of the persons who has contributed to telepathic research.

Prayers become powerful when certain amount of people are involved. Snakes don’t have ears, they use vibrations to interact with the nature. Bats cannot see in the dark. They use vibrations i.e. sound waves to interact with the nature. Gravitational pull of earth to orbit the sun. Ocean tides are formed by the gravitational attraction of the Moon and Sun on the water in the ocean. Every creature created by nature has a certain degree of intelligence. Intelligence itself is a form of vibration. This is applicable not only to a small ant but also to a big elephant.

Healing therapy using vibrations and Magnets. Belief in God is a concept of optimists which is a constructive phenomenon for peace and prosperity. Which is holding the entire universe with love and compassion. When we can believe that Devil exists, why can't we believe that God too exists? What happens if we don't believe in God's creation of nature? Everything is interconnected with love and compassion. Role of Fibonacci series and Da Vince code in nature's creation.

What can happen when humans are happy? Are they creating any constructive vibrations? What happens when humans suffer from injustice and hatred? Are they creating any destructive vibrations? Can we practice forgiveness and compassion to create constructive vibrations? Is it a justice to respect human beings? What will happen if we don’t respect the natures creation. Please read the above links to find out why we have to be constructive to protect the mankind.

The Divine Ratio, PHI, Fibonacci Series:

How does your DNA create what you are?
What does this have to do with the Law of Attraction? How does it work scientifically. Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich Explains, why what you are feeling into your body, brings exactly into your life. You can experience what you want to experience in your life. When you walk into a room and you feel someone, it is their electromagnetic field touching yours. bringing with it the information they are radiating to you.

Video: DNA Is The Secret (Part One of a Four Part Videos Series)

Video Experiment: Your DNA is also "non-local". In other words, you affect others without using energy or traveling any distance. How? Watch this video!

See my complete youtube Playlist:

Achieving Happiness.
Self healing is possible with self realization. Realizing ones own purpose of life. Every one has a certain constructive purpose, to be achieved, by utilizing the talents embedded within. Giving constructive contribution to ones own life, to provide happiness to oneself. Happiness is possible with satisfaction. Satisfaction is possible with justice. Justice is possible with freedom. Freedom is possible with constructive optimism, thus freedom is lost when miss utilized destructively.
Some of the benefits of meditation are, you don't get blood pressure, health problems stop, mind becomes clear, intuition develops, obstacles are removed, mental peace and happiness achieved, negative influences due to planets will be removed, problem becomes small before coming to you, and plenty of other benefits.
Connection between Time And Mind: When the Mind contracts, while it is unhappy or miserable, Time appears to be too long. When the Mind expands, while it is happy or excited, Time appears to be too short. To escape from pain many resort to addictions. Meditation can help replace these addictions.
Significance of the breath at meditation: Breathing is normally an unconscious process. The breath is the link between the body, mind and spirit. When the mind is free of fear, guilt and anger, and is more centered, then it can heal the system of any ailment. Through the practice of our breathing techniques, we can learn to consciously govern the breath so that it brings harmony into your body, mind and spirit.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up after every fall. – Confucius.

Every thing is inter connected by intelligence.
Intelligence is nature’s creation. Every thing in nature communicates using vibrations. Intelligence can either be constructive or destructive. Thus to protect nature, god is a concept of constructive optimism, which is binding the nature. According to Science, Darwin's theory, all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors. Around six million years ago, modern humans were descendants from one ancestor chimpanzees (our closest living relatives). Human Beings created these different religions and stories of Gods in order to show different paths of life-style leading to justice, satisfaction and happiness. To live a better hygienic life-style. Thus the concept of god has been related to constructive concepts, such as love, compassion, brotherhood, etc to enhance peace and prosperity. To generate the positive vibrations in human mind, thus to influence any other living or non-living natures creation.
Any kind of destructive concept, such as anger, hatred, frustrations, etc can eventually propagate negative vibrations.

Religion is just the outer skin, where as spiritual peace is the inner core of every religion. The ultimate aim and purpose of every religion is to achieve this inner peace. Killing animals leads to destructive vibrations of fear and misery. The animal while being killed, experience great amount of pain, thus the entire body of killed animal contains cells with negative vibrations of pain and misery. The body cells of killed animals contain these destructive vibrations, which in turn enter the body of others when consumed.
Thus vegetarianism helps achieve peace and harmony.

Darwin's Theory: Every living-thing has intelligence to evolve up-to next level of generation.

Here are a few examples to prove the immense power of intelligence. according to Darwin's theory of evolution. Even an small living thing has the required intelligence to protect itself, to create the necessary features of protection, just by intelligence (desire or prayer). For example let us consider an plant or tree having thorns on its stems or branches, these were created by this tree itself when it realized the danger of its extinction. There is this intelligence in this living-thing which creates these features. Similarly consider any insect, like the glow fly which generates florescent light sparks, or any plant producing certain colored flower to attract insects. Different types of snakes with levels of poisons, while some are completely non poisonous. As little bit of poison is recognized as medicine. According to Darwin's theory all the living-things have certain degree of intelligence to create or manifest the necessary features of survival. This is not only limited to good or bad in natures dictionary. As nature just understands the creation using intelligence. Human-being (man) is one of the animals with higher intelligence to understand what is constructive or destructive to himself and to his surroundings. For example if we look at the previous old photographs of our ancestors we can certainly confirm saying that it was a snap of older times. Thus it certainly means that even humans are reforming and changing themselves compared to few years previous data. Thus the concept of god was created by humans to create constructive features using intelligence. But this concept of god is sometimes wrongly used by destructive people to create their own security, in order to survive. survival of the fittest. This theory also proves the concept of "Theory of attraction" that is, if anyone who strongly desires for security for a prolonged time period will also be able to accomplish those skills and features to create them in real life. That is, transforming intelligence into physical reality.

* Miraculous Messages from Water. How water structure reflects our consciousness.
* How Music Affects Your Kids. What Parents Need to Know.
* Research studies on effects of music on plants.
* Cosmic Healing Therapy (CHT) is a new and very powerful.
* What is cosmic healing? It is channeling of cosmic energy or prana to a patient who is sick or in pain.
* Examples of Mental Telepathy in NDEs. * The Power of the Mind.
* Methods of Communication: Mental Telepathy, its not just! * Telepathic Communication.
* How do neurons work in brain? * How do neurons work in brain? by Eric Renfro.
* Edgar Cayce and the Cosmic Mind. * Who was Edgar Cayce. * Sybil Leek in Relationships.
* SNAKES ARE DEAF. * Snakes cannot hear. But they can feel things from the.
* Vibration and animal communication. * How Bats See in the Dark. *Wiki-Bats.
* Earth is in a stable orbit around the Sun. * Gravitation is a natural phenomenon.
* Ocean tides are formed by the gravitational attraction of the Moon.
* The Nature and Attributes of God. * THE SUBCONSCIOUS: MIND THE CONNECTING LINK.
* Magnetic Therapy: Using Magnetic Energy for Health. * What is Aurora Colour Magnetic Crystal Sound Healing?
* "Fibonacci series" and "Da Vince" - Museum of Harmony and the Golden Section.
* Mason's Meditations: On Suffering. * Your Thoughts Create Your Future.

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The piercing of the ears (karnavedha) is a prescribed sacrament for hindus

The piercing of the ears (karnavedha) is a prescribed sacrament (sanskaara) for all Hindus. Furthermore, for females the piercing of the nose as soon as puberty, or before marriage is also stipulated in Hindu Scriptures such as Sushruta Samhita (Chikitsa Sthana Chapter 19).

According to the Hindu Ayurvedic scriptures, the piercing of the nose near a particular node (marma) on the nostril lessens the pains of a woman's monthly cycle and facilitates childbirth. These crucial nodes on the human body are known as ‘marma’, not dissimilar to acupuncture points. In the religious context, at marriage the bride and a married woman are considered the personification of the Hindu goddess of fortune Lakshmi, this transformation being achieved by the sixteen beautification processes known as Shodash Shringar.

The different components of Shodash (Solah) Shringar are; Bindi: Symbolising the bride's suhaag (resolve to the marital relationship). It is usually a circular red dot of vermillion powder, however, nowadays bindis are usually more elaborate and the self-adhesive variety. Sindoor Vermillion powder symbolises suhaag and is applied in the parting of the hair. Maangteeka: A pendulum like ornament generally made of gold; it is worn in the parting of the hair. Anjana: kohl the fourth step in Solah Shringar is the application of kaajal or kohl on the edges of the upper and lower eyelids. Nath: A nose ring/pin or stud is worn. It can be made of gold, pearl and diamond. Nose pins if worn are not usually removed by Hindus and they are a symbol of a married woman similar to mangal sutra , sindoor and bindi . Mangal Sutra: The sacred marriage vows are thought to be imbibed in the wedding necklace (mangal sutra) made of gold. It may be embellished with diamonds, black pearls or stones. Karn Phool: or earrings Mehendi: Henna Mehndi is a very significant adornment of the bride. The application of mehndi to the bride's hands and feet are a special pre-wedding ritual in the Indian subcontinent and beyond. Choodiyan: Colourful choodiyan or bangles made of glass or gold adorn the wrists of the bride. Traditionally, red bangles are worn at the time of marriage. Baajuband armlets are worn on upper arms. Aarsi A thumb ring Keshapasharachana Beautiful hair arrangement Cummerbund: Cummerbund adorns the waist of the bride, is generally made of gold and jewels. Payal & Bichuas Payal adorns the ankles. It is a thick chain of silver with many small bells attached to it. Composed of silver, bichuas or toe rings are worn on each foot. Attar Anointing with perfume (attar of roses etc.) Bridal dress The adornment of the bride is a crucial part of the pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies. Her mother's family along with the wedding bangles described earlier traditionally presents a new gold nose ornament or 'nath' to the bride. This would occur during the Grah Shanti (shantikarman/sainth) which is a ceremony conducted by a Hindu Priest to spiritually prepare the bride for marriage. At that point a sacred mantra from the oldest Hindu scripture, the Rigveda (Section 10, chapter 85 verse 33) is recited and beckons the assembled married women (suhaagans) to come forth and adorn the bride in the aforementioned method (Solah Shringar), thereby corroborating the religious sanction and antiquity of these practices. Moreover, during the wedding ceremony the bride's hair parting is anointed with vermilion powder as described earlier and reminded by the Priest through the Vedic mantras he recites, that the wearing of the mangal sutra (marriage necklace, sindoor , nath , bangles etc.) ensures a harmonious marriage. There are countless references to these practices in the Hindu scriptures such as the Padma Puran, however, for brevity has not been listed in this testimony. It is wholly discretionary and not obligatory whether Hindu married women wish to heed this advice, just as some Christian married couples choose not wear wedding bands. One can assume that there is merit in these practices as Hindu women have observed them for several thousands of years. Indeed, throughout the Middle East for many thousands of years, women have had their noses pierced and worn nose jewelery. This alludes to the benefit of this act as sanctioned in many religious texts and incorporated into the culture. There are even references to the wearing of nose jewelery in the Bible (Ezekiel 16:12). Hindu women throughout the world has chosen to follow her religious beliefs by wearing a nose pin.

*[Read: Significance of Nava-Ratna (Nava-Graha).] *[The Qualities of Vaishnava.] *[Different Forms of love.]

*[Read: Amazing Constructive Vibrations.] *[Sanskrit Peace Translations.] *[Liberate the Sole.]

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"WE" has More Power than "I". Its a collective effort to create good things in life. Please let me know if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions. Please leave a comment and keep me informed. MESSAGE


Nature Cure

Here are some natural cures. Prevention is better than cure. These are ancient cures which are natural thus don't have any harmful side effects.


Facial Hand Ear Feet Acupressure Points.

Acupressure points index
Index to the acupressure points for emotional well-being.

herbal formulas. Health for seniors, for women. Natural Home Remedies. Remedies for Children.

Full Body Acupressure Points. Shiatsu: Press and Stretch to Release
Blocked Energy. Shiatsu Body stretches.

Reflexology chart for acupressure points in the foot


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"WE" has More Power than "I". Its a collective effort to create good things in life. Please let me know if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions. Please leave a comment and keep me informed. MESSAGE


Steps to improve work place.

Organisation can improve, develop and prosper, only when everything is transparent. It is better not to differentiate between personal life and professional life, not to change and shift our principles in our personal and professional lives. Real happiness is when we lead a life of humble principles to achieve peace and brotherhood to serve humanity. Thus make money by performing humble deeds to society. Professional life is not to simply make money by using any method, but it is to earn wealth with a noble  and humble deeds to serve mankind.

Nobody Likes being slave. And slavery happens only when we are not satisfied and happy. When we are respected, satisfied, loved and happy then it is enjoying your work. When we are manipulated, misguided, betrayed from promises by superiors, it is slavery due to torture. It leads to corruption.

Einstein said: If we cannot explain it simply, it means that we do not understand it clearly. Noble purpose behind every action can lead to Joy, instead of slavery. Following and working with Humble Like-minded People can lead to JOY. But for a CRAZY Moron following crazy leaders might be a Joy.

We all have our rights to say NO when we do not agree to the superior. Saying NO is also the strength in some situations, and when the boss is not happy with your NO, either he Avoids you or Expels you from Job. We must try not to hurt anyone, by being humble and compassionate while saying NO. Thus, knowledge grows when shared. It is appreciated when expressed.

Respect is very important priority at work place. We will never enjoy a place without Respect. Respect is all about being humble, compassionate, gentle to achieve peace and brotherhood.

Read More: 
  • You can Like the people you work with only when they are humble and gentle. Thus Look for things you can respect in your co-workers. Be humble while you are expressing your views. You don't want to send signals that you don't like them, because they're not going to like you either.
  • You can Communicate often with your higher officer only when it is enjoyable with compassion. Thus, establish relationship of brotherhood and compassion with your boss. Let your boss know you understand both your role and his – he's more likely to think of you as an employee who "gets it." Let your boss know that you realize the good purpose of your work and life.
  • If you're asked to join your boss or co-workers at a social event, don't skip a good networking opportunity. By expressing humble thoughts you can earn respect.
  • Once you establish a relationship of brotherhood with your boss. Do not be afraid to socialize with your boss. Things appear to us the way we look at them. Have a clean and clear view of your noble objective. Good purpose helps in strengthening the objective.
  • Socialize with your humble co-workers. Every relationship has a meaning we need to give them a name. Look at them as a lovable person with good intension and brotherhood.
  • Share noble objectives and make your co-workers feel good about themselves. Appreciate their work and praise them publicly. Let them feel loved with compassion, sharing and caring. Be calm, gentle, humble and stable.
  • If you were recruited by a specific employee or manager, make sure he or she always knows you are grateful for their decisions. They hired you because they believed in you. Thus believe in humble principles.
  • Try not to violate a confidence, while achieving an noble objective. Your value will skyrocket. Workplace consists of different individual personalities, we are all different people, at the same time we are all united at work place to achieve a noble good purpose. we have a objective to achieve justice, satisfaction and happiness.
  • Accept an assignment while it is necessary and while it is part of your job description. Say NO if it is someone else's job and if the other person can do it. Advise and Help others if they seek and ask for it. It never hurts to help out when you can.
  • Know your supervisor's expectations. And try to follow towards these expectations in your own ways. Remember that many different ways lead to the same destination.
  • Try not to speak ill of the company. Instead speak of how to improve the standards. Always confess, seek and pray for good things to happen.
  • If you are unhappy, do not broadcast it openly at work. Instead say it to your like-minded understandable co-workers. Even if you're looking for another job, don't make it public knowledge that you're not satisfied. Give your resignation only after another job confirmation.

"WE" has More Power than "I". Please leave a comment if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions.

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*Realizations-In-Real-Life-Please-be-gentle-and-humble. *Manoj-D-Kargudri. *Amazing-Constructive-Vibrations. *Astrology. *Creating-Leaders. *How-ideas-are-concluded-and-decisions-are-materialized. *“Relationships-in-Life”-“Partnerships-in-Life”. *The-path-of-victory-the-path-of-life-winning-in-looseing. *An-attempt-for-definition. *Speak-with-a-heart. *These-are-contagious. *Key-to-happy-kingdom. *MIRACLES. *Better-to-create-one! *Cast-God-and-Religion! *Manoj-Kargudri. *Things-become-inevitable! *We-are-all-looking-for! *Phase-of-Life. *Destiny-Karma-and-God. *Struggle-perfection-and-Money. *Independence-and-Freedom. *Relationships-and-Happiness.
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*Love-Compassion-Tolerance-Forgiveness-Courtesy. *Manoj-D-Kargudri. *True-to-Heart-going-back-to-Basics!
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*River-Crossing-Puzzles-Brain-Teasers. *Manoj-Kargudri. *Perpetual-Motion-Gravity-and-Kinetics. *Illusions-Paradoxes-Perpetually-ascending-staircase. *Milk-man-with-no-measureing-jar. *Amazing-Horoscope-Mind-Reader. *Find-the-hidden-images-in-these-STEREOGRAMS. *Are-they-12-or-13? *What-would-U-do? *ABCD-Four-Digit-Number. *10-Digit-Number. *4-QUESTIONS...GOOD-LUCK! *Think-Wise.
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*God-gave-us-everything-we-ever-needed. *Good-Wishes. *Manoj-Kargudri. *Love-Compassion-Tolerance-Forgiveness-Courtesy. *Interview-With-God! *He-is-the-one! *Candle-of-Hope! *Let-there-be-Peace! *Manoj-Kargudri.
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*Issue-of-Illegal-Immigration. *To-which-religion-does-this-universe-belongs-to? *Law-and-order-helps-to-maintain-justice. *Implementing-regulations-by-justice. *Putting-our-sincere-efforts. *Religion-and-cast. *Impact-of-reservation-based-on-religion-and-cast. *Free-and-Fare-Education-system-Electoral-system.
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*The-Monkey’s-Justice-for-two-cats. *The-Blind-Men-And-The-Elephant. *Manoj-Kargudri. *Two-rich-merchants-and-a-thief. *Healing-is-contagious. *Two-saints-in-a-market-place. *A-Terrible-Fight-Between-Two-Wolves. *Hen-that-laid-golden-eggs. *Healing-forgiveness-and-affection. *Elephants-held-by-small-ropes. *Story-of-Punyakoti-the-strength-of-truth. *What-is-the-reason? *Reply-Depends-on-the-Question. *Critical-mass-Experiment. *The-Brahman's-Wife-and-the-Mongoose. *The-Boy-Who-Cried-Wolf. *Difference-between-Heaven-and-Hell! *Freedom-and-Prison! *It's-in-Your-Eyes!
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*Please-listen-to-me. *The-Silent-Treatment! *Surgeon-Vs-Mechanic. *Manoj-Kargudri. *God's-doing-a-lot-better-job-lately.
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*Duty-Responsibility-Law-and-Order. *"Happy-Kingdom"-proudly-proclaimed-as-"Paradise". *Trying-to-learn-something-for-the-first-time. *Time-is-the-only-solution. *For-every-Action-there-is-an-Equal-and-Opposite-Reaction. *Logic-of-Good-and-Bad. *Manoj-Kargudri. *Duties-Responsibilities-verses-Luxuries-and-Pleasures. *Beggars!
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*Creating-successful-constructive-personality. *Why-God-Gave-Us-Friends? *Way-to-Paradise. *Creating-the-Beautiful-World. *Doing-the-job-of-goodness. *Life-is-Meaningful. *Manoj-Kargudri. *The-A-to-Z-for-Goodness. *Life-is-full-of-Tests. *History-Proves-That. *Love-in-different-forms. *True-to-the-heart.
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*Please-do-not-leave-me-ever. *Let’s-make-it-happen. *Faith-in-Patience. *The-only-one-I've-got. *Someone-somewhere. *How-I-Love-You. *Will-You? *Successful-Life. *Manoj-Kargudri. *Please-say-something. *Way-to-Paradise. *My-Everything.
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*Life-Still-Has-A-Meaning. *Heavenly-Garden. *GOD-SPEAK-TO-ME! *Why-God-Made-Friends? *I-asked-the-Lord! *A-Best-Friend! *Why-GOD-Gave-Us-Friends? *Portrait-of-a-Friend. *Friends-till-the-end. *Some-Assorted! *Forever-Friends. *What-is-a-friend!
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*Significance-of-Nava-ratna (Nava-Graha). *Amazing-Constructive-Vibrations. *Manoj-Kargudri. *The-piercing-of-the-ears (karnavedha) . *Nature-Cure. *Steps-to-improve-work-place. *Steps-Involved-In-Relationships. *Some-of-the-aspects-which-materialize-the-relationships.
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*Bhakti-Songs. *Manoj-Kargudri. *English-Songs. *Gazal-Bhajan-Hindi. *Hindi-Life. *Hindi-Love. *Hindi-Old-Kishore. *Hindi-Old-Mukesh. *Hindi-Old-Songs. *Hindi-Rock. *Hindi-Pops. *Instrumental. *Vocal-Ragas.
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*Hindi-Vocal-Raga. *Hindi-Remix-Rock. *Hindi-Old-Songs. *Hindi-Mukesh-Mohd-Rafi-Songs. *Hindi-LOVE-Songs. *Hindi-Remix-LIFE. *English-Rock-Songs. *Kannada-Janapada-Geete. *Kannada-Film-Songs. *Kannada-Devotional-Songs. *Instrumental-Music. *Manoj-Kargudri. *Hindi-Pop-Songs. *Hindi-Bhakti-Songs. *Hindi-Kishore-Kumar-SAD. *Hindi-Kishore-Kumar-JOY. *Hindi-R-D-Burman. *Hindi-Gazals. *English-Soft-Songs.
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